Climbing Accessories

You’ve bought your wall membership, your boots are warming in the dishwasher and you still can’t decide how comfortable your harness is. You are ready for some serious training! All you need now are a few extra climbing accessories.

You have told yourself this year you are going to up your game. Train for real. Get strong. You feel weak now but you’ll be ready for summer. For this you need: finger strength, probably a new chalk bag with new chalk (for extra grip), a new rope and rope bag (for easier clipping), probably some new quickdraws (also for easier clipping) but also winter…a whole different ballgame. You can’t ignore winter whilst it’s right here. Now.

And so there’s winter kit: ice screws, ice screw holders, crampons meaning crampon bags, boots, gaiters for wading through powder (fingers crossed there’s enough snow for powder!). And so it continues…

For all you hard done by climbing folk, with all these toys to play with, here are a few of the extra Climbing Accessories that will make you train and train hard.

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Showing 1–12 of 26 results