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Whether we are making a weekend dash to Fort Bill to catch the ephemeral Scottish Ice, or heading for a week of extreme cold and expensive beer in Rjukan, Vikingland – we Brits get very, very excited when it comes to ice climbing. The reason for this of course is that 3 years ago, after climbing a thin ice seam/full blown waterfall in Wales, you decided to buy a set of fancy new ice screws. After telling your partner they cost no more than Screwfix woodscrews, you spend 3 months trying to get back ontop of your mortgage repayments. Not to worry! Now you are the proud owner of a set of super shiny ice screws! Now all you need is to go ice climbing. The only problem is, we live in the UK, meaning that for every one decent winter we get five of rain, rain and yep…more rain (and you can’t afford to go to Rjukan because you bought those ice screws!). However, true to the patriotic British spirit, every year without fail you drive up to Scotland to go “ice climbing”! This involves doing the Aonach Eagach ridge in a blizzard and getting pissed in the Clachaig for 2 days – neither of which involves placing those beloved ice screws! But you do get to transport them up and down the M6 two-three times a year.

Now, onto the -°coolbox! These funky ice screw sleeves will protect your (still shiny) screws from blunting and scraping themselves against each other. Moreover, they will stop you skewering your palm when you reach into your kit bag or shredding your nice new GoreTex jacket. Keeping your screws stored in the -°coolbox will keep them and the rest of your kit in good condition so that one day…years from now….when you are about to climb some proper thick ice, your ice screws wont let you down.

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