Pulk Wheels

Normally, when hauling a pulk on snow, without wheels, the hauling shaft is free to pivot vertically.

If one pair of wheels is fixed to the pulk, the shafts need to be fixed to the pulk in order to keep the nose up. When walking or running, the vertical movement at the hips transfers through the solid fixings on the shafts and creates vertical movement of the front of the pulk. This creates a quite profound bobbing effect of the pulk.

Image: Aiguille Snowsled Pulk Wheels

However, if two pairs of wheels are attached to the pulk it creates a level platform. This in turn allows the hauling shaft to pivot freely as when hauling without wheels. This solves two issues, firstly it means that the same hauling shafts and fixings can be used throughout-regardless of whether you are using wheels or not. Secondly, it cuts out the bobbing motion of the pulk and provides a much smoother (and less blister creating) hauling movement.

It is for these reasons that we have dropped the single ‘axle’ 2 wheel setup from the Aiguille Snowsled range. Its only major advantage, that of weight saving, is in fact nearly cancelled out due to having to carry extra brackets and fixings for attaching the hauling shafts. If for some specific reason you are interested in using a single wheel setup please get in touch as we may be able to help.

For wheel mounting instructions please see the following link: Snowsled Trail Wheel Positioning