Aiguille Alpine Equipment has been designing and manufacturing climbing and mountaineering rucksacks in the heart of the Lake District, UK for over three decades, and this still remains our core business today. Over the years our product range has expanded and become more diverse to provide for many different activities in the outdoors.



Our products are being continuously developed and refined to meet the changing needs of the market. That said, we do not believe in change for change’s sake and many of our designs have remained unaltered since conception. Consequently many of our products have stood the test of time and gained a reputation for complete reliability and excellent design. In our view this is essential, as any one of our pieces of equipment could end up in a situation where a failure could be potentially disastrous.




Often people’s first comment about our products is how well they are made. They may well have just wandered into our shop whilst on holiday and have never heard of Aiguille, but when talking to people there is often genuine amazement that we still continue to do all our manufacturing here in Staveley. Whether new to Aiguille or an ‘old friend’, they often ask how we compete with the ‘big brands’ and everything coming in from the Far East; the answer is simple, we can’t and we don’t.







What we do is offer a completely different type of service, we attempt to offer the customer what they want. It isn’t always possible but we try. If you want wand pockets on a Cirrus rucksack just ask, if you want an under-lid pocket on a Zephyr rucksack just ask. It will cost you a little bit more but we can do it and it is what we are about; it is what makes Aiguille different and why many of our customers come to us in the first place and keep returning. We believe in a can-do attitude.




We have a small and highly experienced workforce who enable us to offer a flexible, high quality and unique service. All our staff have an active interest in the outdoors and, as ‘end product’ users ourselves, we¬†understand and appreciate individual needs and will do our utmost to accommodate them.