Complete Big Wall Double Portaledge and Flysheet


The Aiguille Big Wall Double Portaledge.  Built around a central suspension bar, this innovative solution to portaledge suspension creates a solid, easy to assemble platform to keep you safe and comfortable on the wildest of Big Walls around the world.

For more information on our portaledge design and development see this article on Portaledge Progression – New Designs.

Platform Size: 2.18m x 1.20m

Packed size (in bag): 1.50m x 0.24m

Weight (Ledge only): 6.4kg

Weight (Ledge + Bag): 7.46kg

Weight (Ledge + Bag + Fly): 9.84kg

  • 6 Point adjustable suspension from a DMM Bat rigging plate
  • Yellow central identifiable grab loop
  • Daisy chain organizers on corner straps.
  • Twin separation “fins” with acute separation angle for maximum space
  • Aluminium suspension bar central hang point creates a flat platform with minimum hourglassing and no twisting.
  • Head and foot bar extension legs which act to push the ledge off the wall, massively reducing abrasion.
  • Wall edge reinforcing to tackle abrasion.
  • Large ledge haul bag, makes it very easy to pack. Also extra long to allow Flysheet to remain attached when hauling, enabling super quick ledge and fly deployment and packing away.

A flysheet is an item that many people will probably consider leaving behind. This is because historically they are bulky, easy to damage, hard to set up and extra weight. Our flysheet is designed to be simple, storm proof, light and easy enough to use that you are less likely to go without and therefore less likely to be caught out.

Weight (Including “Tent” Pole) : 2.38kg
Packed size: Height: 50cm  Diameter 22cm

  • Easy to stow/deploy stuff sack with incorporated sealed aluminium hang plate creating a completely waterproof hang point.
  • “Chimney” ventilation passage in the top of the fly, as well as fully seal-able waterproof vent. Creates through flow of air in the top of the fly, radically reducing condensation build up.
  • Wall side corners are eyeleted to allow Portaledge extension legs to push through, keeping the fly away from the wall and significantly reducing abrasion.
  • Under ledge draw cord and straps to cinch up the bottom of the fly.
  • “Tent” pole with clip up points slots into webbing end retainers on the Aiguille Double Portaledge to push the fly out and create a well tensioned tent.
  • All seams are hot air taped to create a fully waterproof cover.

Please note that Portaledges are generally made to order so please allow at least 6 weeks for delivery.


Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 130 × 50 × 30 cm