Alpine Double Portaledge Flysheet


Built to fit the Alpine Double Portaledge. A flysheet is an item that many people will probably consider leaving behind. This is because historically they are bulky, easy to damage, hard to set up and extra weight. Our flysheets are designed to be simple, storm proof, light and easy to use so that you are less likely to go without; and therefore less likely to be caught out.

Weight (Including “Tent” Pole) : 1.45kg

  • Easy to stow/deploy stuffsack with incorporated sealed aluminium hang plate creating a completely waterproof hang point.
  • “Chimney” ventilation passage in the top of the fly.
  • Wall side corners are eyeleted to allow Portaledge extension legs to push through, keeping the fly away from the wall and significantly reducing abrasion.
  • Under ledge drawcord and straps to cinch up the bottom of the fly.
  • “Tent” pole with clip up points slots into webbing end retainers on the Alpine Double Portaledge to push the fly out and create a well tensioned tent.

Please note that Portaledges are generally made to order so please allow at least 6 weeks for delivery.


Additional Information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm