Rucksack TricksIn summer in non-alpine environments carrying kit is easy. Your butties, chocolate bar, spare layers and flask all fit nicely inside your rucksack. If you need extra equipment, such as a rope, harness etc., you may need a bigger rucksack but again it will all fit inside the only exception here being trekking poles.

Often, however, when mountaineering, climbing or even walking in winter or in alpine environments we need to carry an array of  bulky, awkwardly shaped paraphernalia some of which needs to be quickly accessible.  It cannot, therefore, be packed neatly inside your rucksack. So how do you attach these bulky items securely, yet efficiently, to your rucksack?

If you have ever wrestled with a lopsided pair of ski’s, become frustrated at your rucksack lid flopping around or wondered how you might attach your snow shovel to your bag, we might have a bit of useful advice for you, even if you don’t have an Aiguille sack!


Ice axes & shovels

Trekking poles & Shortening lid straps