Trekking Poles

Pole - Compression Straps
Pole – Compression Straps

Trekking poles can simply be strapped to the side of the rucksack using the compression straps, putting the point into the wand pockets at the bottom. This is not possible with poles which have baskets. You can either have the point of this type of pole facing up, as shown, (which can be quite pointy near other people’s faces/eyes, etc.) or you can attach the pole like an ice axe, as shown. This involves twisting the pole point around through the ice axe loop before fastening it tight with the elastic.


Trekking pole ice axe loops

Pole ice axe loop










Shortening a LidLoose lid

Shortening a lid strap

When using a rucksack with daisy chains, you may find that with a fairly empty sack, the lid straps are too long (even when fully shortened), meaning the lid will flop around loosely on the top of the sack. This can be annoying, but also the gap can allow the sack to easier fill with snow in heavy spin drift in winter.



Shortened lid strap

In order to shorten the lid, thread the lid strap and buckle through one of the loops of the daisy chain further down (as shown). This will allow you to bring the lid lower down, which helps to tighten it up, to stop it flopping around and to create a better seal against snow.