Work Platform


Providing a stable and secure platform in the most inaccesible places, the working platform can help drasticly improve the efficiency of jobs. Many complex tasks are much easier and faster to complete on a stable ledge rather than suspended from a harness . The design of the working platform is inspired by our Big Wall portaledges and adapted to the rigourous needs of industial work. It can be set up from a hanging position by one person, and can hang from a single or multiple anchors. The platform can also be fitted with optional side walls which have both clip loops and daisy chain webbing enabling a mulitude of options for attaching tools or bags (the ‘Snack’ range of bags are ideal for this).

The Working Platform is supplied without side walls or tool bags, these can be purchased separately.

  • 6082T6 aluminium frame
  • Standoff legs to minimise edge wear on platform
  • 4 point suspension which can be hung from single or multiple anchors
  • Easy leveling adjustment using metal cam buckles
  • 4 daisy chains for bag or tool attachment
  • 600gsm PVC coated polyester platform bed with reinforced edges
  • Drainage eylets in bed to prevent water pooling
  • Optional side walls to create a versitile bespoke workstation

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 130 × 30 × 30 cm