Grey Owl Voyager Paddle


The Grey Owl Voyager paddle has a relatively short but wide blade making it an excellent choice as an all round paddle on British waters.The shorter blade makes this great for tripping and means it is more effective in the shallows.  Laminated ash and bass shaft with a cherry pear grip and a cherry, butternut and bass blade.

  • Grip 3 ply laminated black cherry, pear shape
  • Shaft 3 ply laminated ash and basswood, oval 1 1⁄8” x 1 1⁄16”
  • Blade 7 ply laminated cherry, basswood and walnut
  • Cambered blade cross section
  • Epoxy tip material
  • High gloss exterior polyurethane finish with UV block


Overall Length:54”56”58”60”
Shaft Length:32”34”36”38”
Blade Length:22”22”22”22”
Blade Width:7”7”7”7”
Blade Area (sq in)120120120120
Average Weight (oz):21.52324.526
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Weight0.9 kg

54″, 56″, 58″, 60″