We have a number of Snowsled retailers in Europe and in Canada. Although we can and do ship all of our products to anywhere in the world, you may incur significant costs and may otherwise choose to buy it from a more local retailer.


Canada: Polar Supplies, web: www.polarsupplies.ca

France: Aventure Nordique, web: www.aventurenordique.com

Germany: Racelite, web: www.racelite.de

Switzerland: Nordic Spot, web: www.nordic-spot.com

Belgium: Slow Motion web: www.slow-motion.be

Holland: Zwerfkei Buitensport web: www.zwerfkei.nl

Norway: Yourway web: www.yourway.no

Finland: Ankarat Avotunturit, web: www.avotunturit.fi

Greenland: Pikkori Sport web: www.facebook.com/pikkori