Classic Range

We have spent the last 25+ years developing our rucksack range. From our original sacks such as the Geant, Triolet and Couloir etc. to the newest in our range such as the El Nino or Bora. Although we have adapted our sacks over the years to suit a larger range of mountaineering needs, they have not changed that much from our original sacks from yesteryear. Strangely enough we find that, on the whole, rucksacks that were designed for and worked well in the mountains in the 1980’s actually still work well now! In fact we still get asked for our original sacks from people who have finally worn theirs out (contrary to popular belief it has been known to happen!!). So we are re-releasing our vintage Aiguille rucksack range (to be known as the Classic Range) for all you active old buggers out there as well as the young pups who are starting to leave us for dead on the hill – bullet-proof, traditional style rucksacks as relevant now as when we first designed them in the late 1980’s. Enjoy!